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Integrating my experience steering a business with coach trainings at INSEAD and AoEC I work with individuals, teams and businesses to strengthen identity, mission, value and impact.

My work includes one-to-one coaching and campfires - bringing leaders, teams and organisations together for conversations that get to what's important.
Here are examples of where I often work with clients:​

Founders & Leaders

Stepping into leadership: becoming comfortable as a leader

Navigating transitions and challenges: within your role, team or organisation

Managing relationships: getting better at handling conflict, difficult team dynamics

Becoming more effective: evolving your role, priorities, developing strategic thinking

Finding your voice: building your visibility, identity and impact  

Setting direction: creating a vision, motivating your team around it

Career Transition

Things are shifting: the old patterns are no longer serving you, your priorities are shifting, you're sensing that you need to make changes but unsure where or how.

On the threshold of change: you're facing a significant change in your career, in how you need or want to live, wanting to get hold of something that feels just out of reach.

Meaning or alignment: your work or your life doesn't really fit with who you are or what inspires you, you need to find changes to start feeling more aligned and true.

Our coaching will offer you the time and space to get a truer sense of who you are and what you want, combined with a sharp focus to make practical, meaningful changes wherever you need it most.

We start with a 90-minute session where you can explain what you're looking for and see how we might work together.  This is free of charge with no obligation to continue.
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